Remember what binds you

Kirsty Thomas and Rachel Maloney are an artist duo who met whilst studying on the MA Photography course at the University of Brighton.

Their work aligns not only through the analogue methods used to make it, but the way each artist uses their practice to examine the feminine relationship with looking. How things are ‘seen’, what we expect to ‘see’ and the authorship of looking have been historically masculine and influenced by the ‘male gaze’. Reflecting on the often patriarchal systems that govern not only the art world, but the visual world, these artists are re-looking at the traditionally feminine and domestic based practices of flower painting (Thomas) and photograph album making (Maloney).



Rachel is an artist and researcher whose work currently focuses on memory and personal narrative within family photographs and collections. She currently works as a Technical Demonstrator in Photography at the University of Brighton after gaining her MA in Photography in 2015. 

Rachel is also the current University of Brighton / V&A Museum Research Fellow undertaking a practice-based research project: ‘looking for the matriarchive’  



Kirsty Thomas works at the University of Brighton as a Technical Demonstrator in the Photography department.

Thomas has a BA (Hons) and MA in Photography and she specialises in analogue techniques, specifically black and white fibre-based printing. The process of making the image by hand at every stage of production is central to her work.